Bule Electrical Materials

About Us

Who We Are

Bule Electrical Materials, established in 1960, stands as one of Ethiopia’s esteemed pioneers in the field of supplying electrical products. As an Ethiopian electrical commerce entity, our core focus lies in the importation and distribution of high-quality goods across the nation. Our strong partnership with renowned Asian and European companies specializing in superior products for their respective markets enables us to offer exceptional services.

Being a prominent market leader, we owe our success to a combination of superior products and outstanding customer service. At Bule Electrical Materials, we differentiate ourselves through our unique business approach, always prioritizing the needs of our clients. Continually surpassing expectations, our unwavering dedication to our customers is key to our consistent growth and recognition.

Why Choose Us?

Core Values

Customer First

Listening to our customers and responding to their needs on time.


To be honest and straight forward in all professional and business relationships


The pursuit of outstanding qualities and outcomes


Accepting responsibility for our actions and at the same time delivering results.


Together everyone achieves more, and success goes together.

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