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Caldomi Portable & Wall-Mounted Fan Heaters



Caldomi Portable & Wall-Mounted Fan Heaters​

  • Electric heating appliance designed for use in addition to primary heating systems.


  • Front casing with a painted white finish and a self-extinguishing ABS thermoplastic resin rating of VO.
  • Rear casing mounded in self-extinguishing polypropylene rated VO, incorporating the air inlet grille.
  • Air outlet grille made of polypropylene, located on the front of the casing.
  • Shaded pole induction motor with shaft turning in self-lubricating bushings, coupled to a centrifugal impeller fashioned from glass-fiber reinforced nylon.
  • Heating element with two pre-selectable output settings (1000 / 2000 W), protected by manually resettable thermal overload limiter.
  • Rotary switch with 3 positions: OFF/1000/2000 W
  • Manually adjustable room thermostat with antifreeze function guaranteeing automatic activation of the heater whenever ambient temperature drops below 5 °C.
  • Power cord with molded Schuko euro plug.
  • Built-in recoil cord winder.
  • Position is able vertically for floor-standing operation or on a tabletop, using the foot on the rear casing.

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