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Oscillating Table, Wall-Mounting, & Pedestal Fans

Oscillating Table, Wall-Mounting, & Pedestal Fans - bule electrical materials


GORDON W 30/12" ET Oscillating Table, Wall-Mounting, & Pedestal Fans

Oscillating table, wall-mounting and pedestal fans


  • Material: plastic resin able to withstand aging induced by exposure to sunlight (UV-resistant) and formulated with an antistatic compound to prevent accumulation of dust.
  • Nominal diameter 300 mm
  • 3 speed asynchronous motor with shaft turning in self-aligning and self-lubricating bushings; thermal overload protection.
  • Motor housing is equipped with hinge and clamp knobs for adjustment of tilt angle.
  • An oscillating mechanism (angle 90°) incorporated into housing, operated by auxiliary asynchronous motor.
  • Manual on/off switch and speed selector control; operating status of the fan displayed by luminous indicators located on the base.
  • Equipped as standard with IR remote control for switching the fan on and off, selecting the speed, programming the delayed shutoff function (½ h to 7.5 h), and activating the “breeze” option.
  • Designed for wall-mounted installation, supplied without power cord.

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