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bule electrical materials

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners​

• External case moulded from ABS thermoplastic resin.
• 5 operating modes: automatic, cooling, dehumidifying, ventilation, heating.
• Class A appliance capable of two operating modes: air-air and water-air (“SUPER COOL” function), the second of which guarantees superior cooling capacity and significantly greater energy efficiency of the product.
• No installation procedures necessary: the only requirement is to ensure that hot air can be ducted away from the climate-controlled room via the exhaust hose.
• Equipped with electronic controls and LCD display at the cabinet, and with a modern infrared remote control.
• Continuous internal drainage system automatically converts water of condensation into vapour, which is then exhausted outdoors.
• Programmable timer: allows selection of ON/OFF cycles at intervals of 1 hour over a period of 24 hours.

“SLEEP”: optimizes energy consumption at night; the set temperature is increased (cooling mode) / decreased (heating mode) by 1 °C every two hours.
• Washable dust filters.
• Activated carbon filter serving to remove unpleasant smells.
• It contains fluorinated greenhouse gas (R290), with GWP – Global Warning Potential – near zero, able to limit carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and to favor the global temperature containment of the planet.
• Hermetically sealed equipment.
• Accessories supplied:
• Round adapter
• Cover for round adapter
• Hot air exhaust hose
• Plastic board
• Pipe for continuous condensation drainage
• Activated carbon filter
• Infrared remote control.

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