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VORTICEL MP – Medium-pressure plate axial fans

VORTICEL MP – Medium-pressure plate axial fans - BULE ELECTRICAL MATERIALS


VORTICEL MP – Medium-pressure plate axial fans

  • Wall-mounting axial flow fans are characterized by high efficiency and low noise emissions, with diameters between 250 and 600 mm and air flows from 1,150 m3/h to 14,500 m3/h. Structure: mounting panel of square outline incorporating ventilation port, safety grille, and at the rear, electric motor complete with wiring box, coupled to axial flow impeller.


  • Molded pickled phosphate-coated steel wall panels, painted with grey polyester powder for superior resistance against weather over time and with hammered finish.
  • Accident prevention and anti-bird grilles in compliance with the ISO 13857 Standard, integrating the motor support function, realized in electro-welded steel rings and painted with black epoxy powder. Easy removal simplifies maintenance and cleaning of the fan.
  • Asynchronous induction motors (standard size UMELEC B5), with shaft mounted ball bearings and with cooling fans for more effective dissipation of the heat.
  • Wing profile impeller with overlapping blades designed to reduce sound levels derived from air turbulence. Non-deformable polypropylene (PP) blades with high resistance and high dimensional stability and die-cast aluminum hub.
  • Wide continuous operation temperature range: - 15°C / + 70°C.
  • Maximum operating temperature with hot fumes 70 ° C.
  • Motors protection rating (IP 55).
  • Insulation class: I (earthing is required).

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